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Wooden tranfer Aluminum Alloy sliding windows and casement doors

product description

Advantages of Wooden tranfer Aluminum Alloy sliding windows and casement doors 

1. Door frame guide groove split structure effectively prevent outdoor pry open anti-theft performance high.
2. Door sleeve seamless angle, make door style more beautiful, more vitality.
3. The design adopts European standard hardware slot connecting multiple locking points which can achieve good anti-theft effect. Closer fit, better insulation effect, multi-protection waterproof design, noise prevention, dustproof waterproof and other functions.
4. Matching locks select excellent materials corrosion resistance strong no harmful metal exceeding standard conditions protect family safety use.
5. Appearance fashion, overall design concise smooth, spell corner special treatment, clean convenient.
6. Profile materials are full thickness balanced and special stress position thickening add reinforcement rib parts.